Showcase: Finite Element Analysis in Actions

Compiled by:  Dr. Yijun Liu

Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

F-104 Starfighter Wing Structure Design Using FEA, Final Project by William VonHagen and Dan Galbraith (Aero, Class of 2009)

FEA of a Tire Iron, Final Project by Kyle Parker (ME, Class of 2009)

Impact FEA Analysis of a Football Helmet , Final Project by Mike McCoppin (ME, Class of 2009)

Dynamic FEA of a Helmet In Action, Final Project by Jordan Smith III (ME, Class of 2009)

3-D Stress and Dynamic Analysis of a Gear, Final Project by Nhat Cao (ME, Class of 2009)

Static and Modal Analysis of a Five Spoke 18 Alloy Wheel, Final Project by Hien Ly (ME, Class of 2009)

Heat Conduction and Vibration Analysis of a Heat Sink, Final Project by Abhishek Joshi (ME, Class of 2009)

FEA of a Solid Bracket, Final Project by Maria Totterdale (ME, Class of 2008)

FEA of a Bellcrank, Final Project by Scott Smith (ME, Class of 2003)

FEA of a Trolley, Final Project by Jeff Badertscher (ME, Class of 2001)

FEA of a Control Arm, Final Project by John Kantura (ME, Class of 2001)

FEA of a Grinding Wheel, Final Project by Mike Kasselman (ME, Class of 1999)

FEA of a Spindle Part, Final Project by Travis A. Smith (ME, Class of 1998)

FEA of a Beverage Can, Final Project by Keith Day (ME, Class of 1997)

FEA of a Carabiner, Final Project by Dan Gerbus (ME, Class of 1997)

Modal Analysis of a Connecting Rod, Final Project by Jill Luginbuhl (ME, Class of 1997)

Thermal Analysis of a Duct, Final Project by Annette Simons-Petersen (ME, Class of 1997)


Nonlinear Contact FEA of a Couple Driveshaft, by Robert Bockwich (ME Graduate Student, 2009)

FEA of a Cooling Fan, by Vinayak S. Kaujalgi (ME Graduate Student, 2000)

Modal Analysis of a Steel Screw Mounted Bearing, by Bipin Babu Velkur (ME Graduate Student, 1999)

Dynamic FEA of Bells, by Liang Shen (Aero. Eng. Graduate Student, 1999)

Model Analysis of a Flywheel, by Chitragupt V. Kulkarni (ME Graduate Student, 1999)

FEA for Your Ear: An Acoustic Guitar, by Li Cao, P. Becker and M. Witter (ME Graduate Students, 1997)

Drop/Impact Simulation of a Pop Can Using LS-Dyna3D

Simulation of Impact to a Shell Structure (from LS-Dyna3D)

Simulation of Dummy-Safety Belt Interactions (from LS-Dyna3D)


  1997-2013 Yijun Liu, University of Cincinnati

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